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About Gibby the Gibbon

Written by an ape expert, Gibby's Great Adventures series introduces kids to the wonderful jungle world of gibbons

using cartoon versions of real animals and nature to teach kids important lessons about curiosity, problem-solving, resilience, self-confidence, teamwork, empathy, and integrity - all while rocking and rhyming in the heart of the jungles of Asia. 


Every character in series has a real-life cousin in the wild, using storytelling to foster valuable connections for kids with wildlife, rainforests, and the importance of nature conservation.


Love Gibby! After reading the book, my son asked for another Gibby story.

Jess, Mother & Early Childhood Montessori  Teacher

“Love the book!!!

Love the use of emotions, decision making, friendships, etc. Looking forward to using it in therapy with the kids!”


Children's Mental Health Therapist

This story was very well written, you could feel the love through the words.”


“Gibby’s story was very good and made me happy to read.”

Jenna & Jamie,

Mother and Son (age 7)

“This wonderful book!

Gibby’s Great Adventure is a book like none other. I love that it's rooted in reality based on their actual experience with gibbons.”


Mother & Kit Lit Enthusiast

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