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Meet Gibby!

(and all her friends)

Ever notice that cartoon animals are often wearing clothes?

Or they're living in zoos... Or they're causing trouble breaking rules in people's homes and apartments!

But... Real wild animal don't wear pants.


They don't live in confined spaces. And, even though every little ape certainly loves an adventure, they're never breaking house rules when they're free in the jungle!

So, do you know what real wild animals ARE doing?

They're curiously exploring the world - solving problems and overcoming obstacles.


    They're loving life - playing harmoniously with their friends and families.

And they're learning to be who they are meant to be - growing up in the jungle with courage and strength.

How do we know? Well, we really know gibbons.


In fact, we've spent A LOT of time in the jungle.

And we got to thinking:

Maybe it's time to start writing books about what life is REALLY like in the jungle. But not in a scientific 'this is this' and 'that is that' kind of way.

... In a way that's fun and real, enchanting and... JUST for kids

(though we've got the science in there too, to back it up)!

And that's just what Gibby's Great Adventures is all about!

Real animal characters. Connecting kids with nature. Having fun.

Learning to respect and protect wildlife in the jungle.

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