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What people are saying about Gibby!

Saranya & Ishaan

5 stars for Gibby - Kit Lit Enthusiast and Book Reviewer

This wonderful book! “Gibby’s Great Adventure” is a book like none other. It’s written by Dr. Jackie Prime, an anthropologist who has actually lived in the jungles of Thailand with gibbons, studying their hands and eating habits for 2 years!! She is the founder of Prime Earth, an organization dedicated to educate and empower people to live in harmony with nature. It’s illustrated by Josh Hrdlick who has also spent time in the jungle with gibbons.

So needless to say, this isn’t your typical story about animals who wear pants and go to school. It’s about real wild animals, exploring the world and solving problems together. And it’s told in a fun and engaging way! Gibby, a White-handed Gibbon, lives in the jungle with her mother, father, and brother. One day, she sees a butterfly and decides to follow it. Before she knows it, she’s very far away from home and does not know the way back. That’s when Drumlet (a black giant squirrel), Valbert (an Asiatic black bear), and Publer (a giant hornbill) come in. They help her navigate the thick forests to help her get back home to her family. They even come up with a creative plan to get around a leopard!

All of the animals featured in this story have decreasing populations, and have a conservation status of endangered, threatened, or vulnerable. Learn more about these animals and Prime Earth’s conservation efforts at

Jenna & Jaime

5 stars for Gibby

@irish_bookfairy, Book Blog Reviewer

Something a little different this time.... My son is reviewing his book he received from @gibbysgreatadventures 😁

In his words.....
I loved the cover and the picture of Gibby. Gibby's story was very good and made me happy to read. I learnt a lot about different animals at the end of the story but was also sad to hear that Gibby's cousins are having a hard time. I would like another boy or girl to read this story too because animals are nice 💕

And in my words....
This story was very well written and you could feel the love through the words. You can tell how much effort and love Jackie has put into this and also all her hard work and research. The little bit at the back where it talks about the real animals and how some are in danger is a good insight for children. Absolutely loved it and would love to work with more books like this for kids and my son would love it too 💕

Nicole A.

5 stars for Gibby

Mental Health Therapist, working with children and families

Love the book!!! Just got it on my work iPad, read it, love the use of emotions, decision making, friendships, etc.... all the stuff I work on in therapy with so many kids!! Looking forward to using it in therapy with the kids! Great life lessons, social situations, facing challenges... clearly I am excited to read it and share with my colleagues. This book will be a great addition to my work!

Susan F.

5 stars for Gibby

Mother & University Professor

Great book! Fun illustrations and lovely poetry to tell a story of working together despite differences to overcome obstacles.

Vicki G.

4 hearts narrow.png

Mother & Digital Ad Operations Specialist

We all loved Gibby! I read this with my young son and we couldn't wait to see who Gibby would meet next. My son loved looking for the marks Gibby has left all over the jungle. So much so we had to go back and look for more. From the mom's side, this is one story I won't mind reading over and over and overrrr again.


5 hearts narrow.png

Mother & Retired Teacher

Characters, setting and plot are true to the Thailand rainforest where gibbons live - not like the usual cartoon based children's books. Writing and illustrations are exceptionally strong. Great for establishing a learning experience for young readers. Highly recommended.


5 hearts narrow.png

Mother & Early Childhood Montessori Teacher

Love Gibby. I am a mom of two boys. They absolutely loved Gibby and all her friends. After reading the story, my son asked for another Gibby story. The illustrations are very appealing to children. We can't wait to read more adventures.

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