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Our Story

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Dr. Jackie Prime, Author

Jackie had already been studying gibbons for 7 years when she first met Josh at school. She had just returned from Thailand after living in the jungle with gibbons for 2 years to study their posture, hand movements, and eating habits for her PhD.

Josh thought that was pretty cool! He had just gotten back from Peru where he was planting fruit trees for people in need. He loves animals and nature, and wanted to help out at the nonprofit Dr. Jackie founded called Prime Earth to help gibbons and teach compassion for nature, so he joined the team.

Jackie could see Josh was a tough cookie. He was artistic and thoughtful, and an explorer, like her. And maybe, just maybe, she thought, he might be able to join her in the jungle one day to spend time with wild gibbons, IF he was brave enough.


So she invited him to come with her on a trip back to Thailand.

Josh accepted the invite. But trekking through the jungle with wild gibbons was hard work. A leech bit him on his first day. It was gross. Jackie laughed. (He wasn't hurt and sometimes laughter is the best medicine).


But so began a friendship that soon sparked an idea to combine forces to help gibbons and teach kids to have respect and compassion for animals and nature by connecting them with real wildlife in the rainforest through fantastical storytelling!


After spending weeks in the jungle with Jackie and the gibbons, Josh got pretty good at drawing gibbons, and Jackie has a knack for wordsmithing rhymes, so...

Gibby’s Great Adventures

was created and

Gibby the gibbon was born!

Josh Hrdlick, Illustrator

DAY 33_ Join us! Only 2 more days to get

How does Dr. Jackie know so much about gibbons?

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Dr. Jackie spends long days with the gibbons in the jungle watching their every move and recording their activities for scientific research.


The gibbons know she is there, but she never touches them or interferes with their lives. She simply observes and takes detailed notes on what they're doing.

Look for cartoon Dr. Jackie in action in Gibby's Great Adventures children's books and learn more about her life and work with Prime Earth to save Gibby's real-life endangered gibbon cousins in the wild by visiting:


Dr. Jackie is a primatologist and for more than 15 years she has been studying gibbons both in the wild and in captivity to learn all their is to know about their day to day behaviours, skills, intelligence, and social groups.

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